Tea Towel Tote

Updated: Jan 17

This is the first little project we have for the Daytime Stitchers Group that meets the fourth Monday. It's a quick tote made with a pre-made tea towel, add a fall band and pumpkin embroidery to make it a great gift.


1 tea towel

1 Fat quarter for folded band

cut into (2) 6" x 22" pieces

1-1/4 yard of 1" webbing

Any embroidery design or monogram

To start. Fold the tea towel in half WST with the fold at the bottom and find center.

Embroider your pumpkin or any other small to medium design on the front of the towel.

Fold the towel in half again. This time RST and stitch along each side with a 1/2" seam.

We're going to make this tote have a squared bottom.

You can either cut a square out of the the bottom corner and fold it together and stitch or leave the little point attached. I chose to simply leave the extra fabric so that I didn't have to serge or have a raw edge on the inside.

I folded the side seam down onto the bottom to create a triangle, measured up 1-1/2" and stitched across. This was not wide enough for me so I measured up another 3/4" from the first seam and stitched again.

You can fold these tab sections toward the bottom and stitch to make the bottom a little more sturdy.

Now cut two pieces for the top foldover band. I used a fat quarter and cut each piece 6" x the width of the towel. My fat quarter was a little wider than the towel I trimmed about 1" off the fat quarter length.