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Mitered Borders and Jumbo Chapels

You have probably seen the ever popular Chapel Quilts. They feature panels as the body of a cute rustic chapel with trees or stars or some such addition. We did a little something extra with ours....ok two something extras. We mitered the border, and we jumbo sized the chapel block to use as the full back. That's right a 44" Chapel block showcased on the back of our quilt.

First, why miter borders? Well this quilt from My Wandering Path has a pieced border that can be seen as one single border if you take the time to sew the borders independently and then miter the corners. I find this easier than traditional border piecing because they used 1.5" borders. If we piece them together and THEN sew them to the quilt it's almost like just doing one border.

Check out our video tutorial on 3 different techniques to try, since we all don't learn or sew the same. Hope it's helpful and entertaining.

If you need this quilt in your life we've got quilt top kits as well. (Backing sold separately)

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