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2021 National Jelly Roll Project

My nights for the last couple months have been spent working on the Sampler Spree with @yardgrl60 but since that's wrapped up I was able to get started on this project.

Ever since I quilted one of the Santa Panel quilts I wanted to do one for me. Well now I get to do it for the shop and share it with all of you guys.

I didn't want to do the exact same background as the one I quilted so I went searching through the free moda patterns to find one and since it was a jelly roll project it gave me the motivation to get it at least started for National Jelly Roll Day.

I've got most of the blocks pieced and gotten the Santa Applique cut out. I still need to get a lining for the Santa so the quilt doesn't show through and get the blocks pieced. My goal is to at least get the top finished.

I'll have kits available for sale. They'll include the Santa Panel, the background and the 2-1/2" strips for the top.

Check out some of the progress pics below and visit the store to shop the fabrics in this adorable vintage -feel Christmas throw.


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