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This is my first year to get to participate with the Moda Blockhead Quilt a Long. To find it on Facebook click the picture above. Join the group even if you don't participate because there are so many amazing options for each block it's been a treat seeing all the color and fabric combinations. 

It's been fun doing the blocks so far and filming them for the shop. You can check them out on our YouTube Channel.

There are links below so you can easily find the block you need. 

We also have the .PDF for each block and the link to each designers write up on the block they got to design.

Go and check out their blog or website or Instagram or whatever page to support all these amazing designers.

Fabric Selection

Block 1- Square Wheel

by Lynn Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles


Block 2 - Cooee

by Jenelle Kent
of Pieces to Treasure


Bonus Block - Roundabout

by Richy Laison Jr
of Basic Grey


Block 3 - Kouign Amann

by Laurie Simpson
of Minick & Simpson


Block 4 - Spinner

by Anne Sutton
of Bunny Hill


Block 1
Block 2
Bonus 1
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5

Block 5 - Two of Five

by Barbara Groves
of Me and My Sister Designs


Bonus 2

Bonus Block 2 - Mix & Match

by Michelle White
of Moda Fabrics


Block 6 - Spinning into Spring

by Linzee Kull McCray

Block 6

Block 7 - Game Board

by Lisa Bongean
of Primitive Gatherings


Block 7

Block 8 - Wild Geese

by Kate Spain

Block 8

Bonus 3 - Star Turn

by Lisa Bongean
of Primitive Gatherings


Bonus 3

Block 9 - Cross My Mind

by Brigitte Heitland
of Zen Chic

block 9
Bonus 4

Bonus 4 - Zipper

by Moda Fabrics

Block 10 - Autumnal

by Chelsi Stratton

Block 10

Bonus 5 - Wheat Fields

by Moda Fabrics

Bonus 5

Block 11 - Berry

by Jackie McDonald 
for Sweetfire Road

Block 11

Block 12 - Friendship Star

by Deb Strain

Block 12

Block 13 - Evening Delight

by Debbie Maddy

Block 13

Check back soon

Block 14 - Bird on a Branch

by Jan Patek

Alternate - Sharply Dressed

Block 14

Check back soon

Block 15 - Highland

by Crystal Manning

Block 15

Check back soon

Block 16 - Indiana Puzzle

by Tammy Vonderschmitt

Block 16

Bonus 6 - Step to It

by Moda Designers

Bonus 6

Check back soon

Block 17 - Shoreline

by Camille Roskelley

Block 17

Check back soon

Block 18 - Crowning Glory

by Betsy Chutchian

Block 18

Check back soon

Bonus 7 - Star Turn

by Moda Designers

Bonus 7

Check back soon

Block 19 - Clover

by Robin Pickens

Block 19
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